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The following presentations give technical illustrations of some of the concepts and methodologies which form the basis of many of Scott's ground-breaking theories which put a new interpretation on the meaning and purpose of the Pyramids of Giza.
  The Greater Orion Correlation Theory (GOCT)
    See how the Queens' Pyramids at Giza Depict the 2 Culminations of Orion's Belt &
    Precessional 'Pendulum Swing' of 'Orion's Queens'
    Flash presentation 3.1MB
  The Creighton Astracus
    See how to Findi True North the Ancient Way
    Flash presentation 2.7MB
  The Pendulum "Gravity Cubit"
    See how Measure can be Defined as a Function of Time
    Flash presentation 1.07MB
  The Giza Pyramid "Star Shafts" and the Earth's Tilt
    See how the 'Star Shafts' of the Great Pyramid Indicate a Pole Shift of 6.5º
    Flash presentation 400Kb
  The 'Shafts First Solution'
    See how the Great Pyramid can be Designed from the Inside Out
    Powerpoint Slideshow 85 KB 
  The Orion Timeline and the Giza Clock of Ages
    See how the Giza Pyramids Indicate the Mayan End Year of 2,012
    Powerpoint Slideshow 3.2 MB
  The Orion Geo-Stellar Fingerprint
    See how the Base Dimensions of the Giza Pyramids are Defined by Orion's Belt
    Powerpoint Slideshow 3.2 MB
  Pyramid Dimensions
    See how the Height Dimensions of the Giza Pyramids are Defined with a Circle
    Powerpoint Slideshow 13 MB
Giza Pyramids
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